Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Mystery Film revealed

So I got the film developed, explained that this was partially exposed film brought off ebay. And this is what appeared. Kodak stopped making this film in 1974 so it was pritty old. There were three photos on the film and the pictures I took were over where the film was torn apart when I rolled it on. It's like it was melted, left a lovely image I thought. Any way here is the first one...
It's an old lady in a zimmer outside a building. Not a lot of info to see really. Well here is the other ones..

Totally seventies! The weird thing is she looks like my mum! I was so happy something came out. Any way the following ones are the ones I took, just made them all into one picture and the bottom right one is a close up of the top right one, I liked the peaks.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

I have found it!!

So to thank Mr Bertram Fiddle for his explorer guide I decided to use it and find something lost. Well I found it and documented it and sent this to Mr Bertram. I can't seem to remember the details of how I got to this land but never mind! He will find it.
The Exhibit subject was Adventure, so as luck would have it, I got a 2fer!!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Mystery Film

Using my birthday money I treated myself to a Libitel2 camera off ebay. There was a film in it. When I finished the roll and got it out I could see this. I thought the font looked really old so looked online and discovered that Kodak stopped making this film in 1974! How exciting! So I put it into the place I go with all my films to develop it. When I got there I realised I had forgotten to take a picture of it and didn't have my phone with me. So I asked if they would take a picture before developing it. Here is the picture, the lovely Jon from Photographique emailed it to me today. I will be picking it up tomorrow so hopefully there will be something on the film. I will let you know.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Noir [the Femme Fatale]

Been added to a weekly art group, I missed a few but this is this weeks entry.
The subject was Noir (femme fatale). I drew a robot (surprise) in my moleskin last night and stuck her on a photo of mine.