Saturday 11 August 2012

Encounters Trailer

Here is a link to see this years trailer for the Encounters Short Film Festival. Paul Hill at AProductions Ltd does the trailer every year and it's normally animated in 2D (and in 3d once). But Smith and Milton came up with an image for the look and feel for this years festival.
Faced with this new challenge myself and Paul Hill went out armed with my two 35mm film cameras and a whole load of film stock donated by the lovely people at Photographique. This was in May and June so the right lighting conditions moved all the time depending on location and position to the setting sun.
As a rough idea the ideal lighting times lasted for about 30 mins to an hour but changed from 9pm till 11pm. It was also necessary to have moving traffic in each shot, so you can imagine how long we had to wait for the right conditions. It was a little hit and miss, but the end results were great. Considering the time frame this had to be done in and the varying conditions it was a bit of a tight squeeze.
Paul then took all the locations and figures shot by me and pieced together the main body of the trailer. He also had to get all the clips in from last years winning films and tie everything together and make it all work. It was all composited in After Effects.
You can see more pics (some that wasn't used in the trailer) here and a few here.

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