Friday, 1 June 2012


So this morning in the taxi the guy on finding out where I was going (a place that is in a disused quarry) he said "oh there used to be a night club there"! I said oh really! wow that's a cool place for a night club (it's basically a big hole in the ground) he says "yeah Darth Vader used to be on the door!" I was thinking wow thats a little weird to have someone in a costume on the door, bit geeky, may turn people away. He then said "yeah Dave Price was his name", I then said oh you mean David Prowse? He said yes, I then said wow that must have been ages ago (im thinking late 70's early 80's) he said "yes. There is a funny story about that you know, they were going to use his voice, you know as Darth Vader, but he spoke in such a bristol accent it sounded funny so they got this guy to do the voice, don Joans or something", I gave him a moment then said James Earl Jones? "yes thats it, good name that isnt it, got a lot of presence" (I avoided the Luke I know what your getting for Christmas joke) Then I said yeah works better than James Jones doesn't it? He agreed. We chatted then when I got to where I was going he knocked off 2 quid for traffic so I tipped him 2 quid, he was very happy.
So anyway, when I was in the waiting room I planned out my Painting I will be doing for charity, this is the start of it.... oh and my curry was rather tasteless at lunch, you are now up to date on my day as of 2pm..... The end :D

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