Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Mystery Film revealed

So I got the film developed, explained that this was partially exposed film brought off ebay. And this is what appeared. Kodak stopped making this film in 1974 so it was pritty old. There were three photos on the film and the pictures I took were over where the film was torn apart when I rolled it on. It's like it was melted, left a lovely image I thought. Any way here is the first one...
It's an old lady in a zimmer outside a building. Not a lot of info to see really. Well here is the other ones..

Totally seventies! The weird thing is she looks like my mum! I was so happy something came out. Any way the following ones are the ones I took, just made them all into one picture and the bottom right one is a close up of the top right one, I liked the peaks.

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