Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Candy Corn

I did this around Halloween in my Moleskine. You dont really get candy corn in the UK. I lived in America for 6 years so they are instilled upon my brain!


  1. Dear Jane,
    What is a candy cane?
    Yours sincerely,

  2. By 'cane' - I clearly mean CORN! gawd....

  3. I'll second that question - the two words make sense individually, but when you put them together.....? Whilst you're there maybe you could explain what a biscuit is and why you'd have it with chicken.....

  4. HAHA. Candy Corn are very small sweets, they are about the size of sweet corn. They are quite bland in flavour I think but very sweet. They would be very prominent around Halloween over there, good trick or treat fodder.
    The biscuits you would have with chicken, like in KFC you would also have gravy too. The biscuits are kinda like dumplings but not as doughey. So almost a scone in shape and consistency but closer in flavour to a dumpling. =D